5 comments on “MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS OF THE YEAR – Show Film First Survey Results!!!!

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  2. I feel that Hollywood is in a race like New York used to with who has the tallest skyscraper & most films boast now how much budget is used for films these days. It is nice to reflect that really good moving stories like the following films The Help, War Horse, & The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel were only made with a minor budget but the story made up for all the GCI & 3D special effects! A good film just need a solid cast & fluid storyline with the pure blend of ambience to make a film feel special! There are many films that could be made with half the budget & more spent on good acting & good story lines!

    • Hi Simon. What you say is very true. We’re seeing a number of examples that challenge the conventional wisdom that throwing enough money at something will automatically make it better. In the end a well developed script and a good director should be the only formula that matters.

      It has to be said though, cinema is essentially just escapism and to transport us to new worlds and new visions we’ve never encountered before requires a large investment. Chris Nolan’s Gotham City was never going to come cheep; neither James Cameron’s Pandora. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is the next test of that theory but all these examples prove that if a great script, a visionary director and massive budget come together on the right project the results can be magical – and ridiculously profitable….

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