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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I always look forward to the suprise emails. ShowFilmFirst provide a first class service to all members and by carefully selecting target audiences, I been lucky enough to have enjoyed every preview, screening, event offered. Thank you for the personal invitations to the many amazing evenings and experiences over the past few years and i look forward to many more in the future!

  2. I love receiving a variety of offers so it is very disappointing to hear others are skating the codes on the web and jeopardising it.

    Couldn’t you set it up so only those registered who receive a direct email can redeem an offer?

    • I have had some amazing experiences with see films first including taking my partner to her first rock concert.
      Please carry on and stop the idiots who are out to spoil it for everyone.I enjoy commenting on what we have seen and take on board that it’s part of the deal
      .Please continue.Regards The Bears

  3. Total agree – codes are to members only – but there are always a few that spoil it for others – can you not find out who they are and suspend their membership?

  4. Love the things I have seen through you, that I would never even have known about . The wider the range of events covered the more diverse the experience. I would encourage more , not less.

  5. I think Showfilmfirst is unique and a spectacular service especially when I am lucky enough to get tickets. Sometimes they just disappear too fast and if thats because people are distributing them too widely on social media sites thats not good as it means those registered users are not getting those. It would be great to see a wider range of events offered, especially Music which I don’t see often. I am told that countless number of times at the O2 for instance there are so many tickets that never get taken and so I think they should give them to Showfilmfirst

  6. I completely agree with not sharing codes on social media/deal sites. I have been a member of ShowFilmsFirst for many years but can’t remember the last time I managed to get a ticket to a film as by the time I receive the email from you then the tickets are all gone and 99% of the time I find that the code was posted on a deal site days before I even got the email from you!

    Maybe in future you could issue individual codes to specific people or somehow set it up so that only certain codes work with certain accounts? Maybe also send the ticket notification emails out at random to the target members or something as I always seem to be the last person to get them so the tickets are always all gone!

    I hope I get my hands on a ticket for something soon, but I won’t hold my breath. I know that you run the membership where I could be guaranteed a minimum number of tickets a year but the cost is too high when I don’t even know what’s going to be available and if it will even interest me – maybe you could offer a money back guarantee with it whereby if I join and don’t apply for any tickets during my member ship then I could get a refund or another year at no extra cost.

  7. Absolutely love getting the tickets. Its always a welcome surprise! Long may they continue. Have been very impressed with showfilmfirst and have recommended to friends to join up.

  8. I regularly take up the tickets that are offered because it might be something I wouldn’t normally pay for to attend. Other times it’s been something I really wanted to attend but didn’t get the chance.

    Now I don’t share the codes but I do search for the codes and the main reason for this is that the invites are a bit hit and miss with timings. I may get my email at 11pm but the codes been leaked online at 8am. So I’ve potentially missed out due to timings of emails and not checking them every 10 minutes.

    I agree that the sharing of codes online means that potentially the people who do give feedback and use the service properly are missing out to those just up for free tickets that they may not even use! But there needs to be a better way to notify people evenly and also maybe block those who don’t give regular feedback from getting tickets. Maybe a scoring system where you need to have got more to get the better tickets?

  9. Hi!
    I was quite shocked to read that ticket for Show Film First are being sold on the social media.

    Having enjoyed attending free events over the last couple of years- I consider the selling of tickets
    on public media, an abuse of a special privilege..

    Could sending publicity material to members only be a way of avoiding this this terrible abuse?

  10. Can you identify the people who are doing this? Can you block them from your membership?
    I love receiving your offers. shame on those who are abusing the system. and could ruin it for genuine SFF fans.

  11. I do love getting free or half price tickets. However occasionally it does not tell you where the event will be until you have received the ticket. If I had known it was a long way away I would no have requested a ticket. On the other hand, it would be nice to get tickets nearby as they are usually over subscribed near me.

  12. I think you should go back to making people bring the page from the magazine/newspaper/membership card with them with the ticket and enforce that. I subscribe to a magazine and have been left disappointed when all the tickets are gone within 5 minutes of the code going live.
    Or, you could introduce a membership card for a fee. I suspect even a fee of £20pa would be enough yo put off many of the ticket grabbers. It would be a photo card with name to match ticket. You could donate some of proceeds yo an arts charity over what your processing costs are.

  13. been a member for years and have had the privilege to see ground breaking films – Genghis – immediately comes to mind – but as you say when shared – people take and theres always a lot of no shows – thanks for bringing this t forefront

  14. It’s such a shame people are doing this it makes it bad on everyone else the only time I get out is when I get a free ticket which I haven’t been able to get in ages cos there always booked up. Have you thought about sending the ticket via text message to the mobile number registered that way when the person comes to the show they would have a unique reference number which would verify there name and mobile number that way they cant share codes because the person who got the ticket would only be able to use the reference on there ticket noone else hope this helps. By the way I think your site is awesome having 5 children I rarely get to go out and this gives me a chance to have me time and see film first I thank you so much for that.

  15. This is a fantastic service provided by showfilm first! With great offers and information on new movies.

  16. I love SFF! Defo seen films I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise – and enjoyed!

    Can codes be paired with unique email address only? to be used for limited number like 2?

    More shows in Dublin please :o)

  17. Same old same old. The selfish thoughtless few spoiling things for the many.

    Isn’t there a way of personalising codes per applicant? I for one don’t mind the idea of showing ID when I collect tickets for anything if it allows these fantastic offers to continue.

  18. Can you not filter out people who are not targeted by means of a short questionaire ( say 2 questions) which would decide if they are the target audience? Also the name of the person an be printed onto the tickets and perhaps ID can be required at the venue ( although time consuming ?)

  19. I agree with Marya, although couldn’t you set up an unique code for each person invited instead of one code for all?

  20. I have over the years had 4 invites and did not realize people shared the code, that is a pity as overbooking is a problem thank you for my invites and i always give review.

  21. I agree that sharing is likely to spoil things for others but I also feel I understand people who cannot use a code wanting to share with friends rather than drop it back in the pool. Unfortunately people living in my area (Swansea) only occasionally see offers – I have been to two and one of those was 30 miles away.
    I think it would be a shame if the service stopped but on the other hand with the lack of offers it wouldn’t have much effect on me. The refusing applications from different emails (inviting them to join) would be sensible and maybe withdrawing membership from people who don’t give some review after attending an event

  22. Subscribers to SFF should understand that when they apply for tkts they should not share these codes/invites with others, only if they would be going with them. Why is it that there will always be a bunch of people who mess things up for the rest of us?

  23. I’m not one for jeopardising tickets but in all the time I’ve been a member I have only every been offered tickets to real steel. I sometimes get a email three of four days down the line and all the tickets are gone for my local cinema but if I look on the free sites can sometimes get them before they go! half the time I do this I get a code anyway (but usually sold out for my cinema).

  24. I always love receiving the SFF offers and it’s really disappointing that there are people out there who want to ruin it for others by posting the codes on social networking sites. I have seen some great shows and I hope to see more in the future.

  25. This really really annoyed me. I love going to advanced screenings, this is the only real site I’m registered on that allows me to do that. Can you not generate a code unique to the individual that is traceable using google analytics or something. Maybe use Dynamics Marketing or similar? There has to be a way of making these idiots accountable?

  26. This has really annoyed me I love going to advanced screenings and showfilmfirst is the only way I get to do that. I always show up and always leave feedback if I cannot attend I cancel my ticket via the website. Is there not a way you can send personalised/individual codes and use Dynamics Marketing or Google Analytics for feedback or tracing. That would make people accountable and put a stop to these idiots, plus you could do targeted marketing and send the best events to regular attendees etc.

    Also I have an EAS alerts account but of late I have only had the normal ShowFilmFirst offers which has been a bit disappointing.

    Recently seen Locke, Chef and Begin Again… Awesome.

    My regular job is selling bespoke CRM software, this could probably really help with the problem you face here coupled with something powerful like google analytics, I’d love to try and be more help, feel free to contact me.

    Cheers. A.

  27. I found out about this website via a fb page stating about free tickets to see Walking on Sunshie. I took up the offer loved the film, commented about it and registered my details on showfilmfirst. Love the site but if someone hadn’t put it on Facebook I wouldn’t know anything about you. I love going to the cinema but just can’t afford to go wen tickets are nearly £10 each. I usually wait till film comes out on DVD as it’s cheaper.

  28. I get so few offers and usually by the time I look at them they’re gone or not for my area. Not only wouldn’t I share them, but frankly, I’m, getting nothing to share

  29. I enjoyed the opportunity to watch a variety of movies and events. So it will be a great shame if your service is stopped because of a group of people who have no idea that they have to follow the terms and conditions when they first registered with you. My published the codes on other websites, it reduced the opportunity for other members to take up the offer.

    I agree with the previous member Marya’s suggestion and I wonder would it be possible that each member be receiving an individual code, so if their code being published on other websites, it can then traced back to the individual and if they are recurring offenders then action may be taken to cancel their membership?

    Thank you for the service and bringing opportunities to view such varieties of movies and events.

  30. Could you personalise the codes so they are tied tongue registered email address ? That way you can’t use the code unless you login/use the correct email.

    Its a shame the few spoil it for the rest…

  31. I completely agree. We’re lucky to get invites to see films for free and it’s a simple system that works really well. It baffles me that people go out of their way to throw a spanner in the works. It also annoys me that some of the screenings and shows have loads of empty seats (especially when I’ve missed out on tickets). People need to accept the fact that they won’t always get a ticket to a given film or show and to be happy with the ones they do get to see. Also, people should make sure they fulfill their end of the bargain and to spread the word when they’ve seen a film or show they’ve enjoyed, isn’t that the whole point of the exercise?

    Are there no other ways to ensure that tickets reach only the target audience? Is there any way of matching up tickets to only the people who were directly mailed codes? I hope your message will discourage people from spreading codes in future and that there will be considered a bit of a faux pas from now on.

  32. Like most I can’t always make the events offered, sometimes because they are too far away, sometimes because I have other commitments but I know it’s a privilege to be offered. I wish showfilmfirst all the luck in the world in recovering from this and urge all who have been silly sharing codes to stop spoiling things for the rest of is.

  33. I’ve enjoyed attending two events through Showfilmfirst however, I would love to attend more. Unfortunately I don’t live in London but the Midlands. Could you please find more events for those of us who live elsewhere? The offers today are all for the London area.
    I fully endorse other comments about sharing voucher codes. I went to he theatre recently armed with my printed ticket but they didn’t even look at it. Anyone could have asked for tickets. More careful checking needed.

  34. A registered process with individual codes. If the code is shared, the individual, perhaps after one watching, is removed for a period of months.

    Also perhaps creating specific internet sharing codes may help alleviate the issue.

  35. I have been a member of SFF for nearly 8 years, and over the last couple of years I have been unable to obtain tickets for certain films etc because they have been all allocated, (and this is within half an hour of receiving your e-mail) I believed it was because you were over subscribed. I have always replied to ‘What did you think of the film..’ So why not select the members that do this, then you will know who is genuinly receiving and responding .
    Can I just add a big thank-you for the McBusted tickets, and all the other films I have managed to see over the years x

  36. Hi there,on regards on ticket allocations I very rarely get free tickets sent to my self for preview films at my local cinema which is the vue ,cheshire oaks Ellesmere Port and I have to resort getting codes off the internet via other people putting them out there so I would be grateful if I could be sent codes for preview events at my local cinema as I have been a member for a number of years.

  37. I’m interested in previews, but the mailings seem to have gone rather off-track, and departed from the “Show Film FIrst” purpose. There are plenty of other sources of movie listings, reviews, etc. but if you stick to the previews I’m happy to receive those, and totally agree the offers are for the intended recipient only.

  38. You need to get the people collecting tickets to really check ids?
    Also, how about only those who receive a direct email can get tickets?
    Or have unique codes for each person so if they share and someone puts in that code you know who it came from and then you can just block them.

  39. But hang on a minute, I’m sure I’ve seen announcements on your FB page and I’ve just seen something on twitter. I thought that most of the your purpose is to get audiences into previews for the reviews or to fill seats which might otherwise have been empty.

    I like getting your emails, but am often disappointed because by the time I try to access for tickets they’ve all been allocated. So yes please, keep up the good work, but I don’t necessarily want to share you with anymore people. Perhaps for the special events, each invitee I sent a unique code which can only be used once against their personal login

  40. I love receiving offers and updates, it’s a shame others have to spoil it 😦 Thank you for everything so far and good luck in the future

  41. i think its great receiving emails with free tickets to films I have seen some great films over the time with SFF a lot of the ones I have seen are not ones I would have pick to go see but have turned out to be some of the best films I have seen so please keep giving them out to members that are happy to give feedback and always attend when given tickets

  42. I’ve not received any codes for a while, perhaps this is the reason why. No tickets left as other folk have blagged them before me. I pay my fee each year and would like to reap the rewards rather than giving it all away.

    • Hi there,
      If you are a Gmail user, we recommend that you check the ‘Promotions’ tab, a fairly recent addition to Gmail, as some of our emails may be in there.

  43. I agree with Liam and Marya, thank you for all the great previews I’ve been lucky enough to attend. why can’t people just register… How difficult can it be!

  44. I love the offers and have enjoyed many films I would otherwise not have seen. So sad that people are abusing the chances you give us. I like the exclusivity of being part of the SFF ‘club’.

  45. I’ve been thinking about this- is there any possible way to give each person who is registered their own codes fo r events? that way, the teams would be able to find the culprits and stop them from using the site. It’s just a thought but it’s sad that a few are ruining it for the majority.

  46. I have been lucky enough to enjoy previews courtesy of ShowFilmFirst on a couple of occasions, and have left reviews afterwards. I would hate to have this lovely opportunity jeopardised by thoughtless sharers.

  47. Think this is awful, if people want free tickets to see stuff it’s not that hard for them to join themselves, and then it won’t ruin things for people who have the decency to get tickets the proper way.

  48. Typically a tiny minority potentially ruin it for the majority. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! For heavens sake, stop and think. And if you can’t do that, unsubscribe!

  49. Very jealous of everyone down south who get to go to a great variety of shows and screenings but still hopeful of some previews in Glasgow! Keep up the good work!

  50. It always upsets and frustrates me to see tickets on the “free” sites. I always suspected it would mean a promoter getting upset one day. I’m so lucky to live near the O2, and I have had many brilliant free tickets that have given me amazing nights out. Please continue to pursue other events – I’m not just in this for the films. I’ll never forget seeing a magic show at the Peacock theatre a couple of years ago – the posters made it look tacky and I would never have gone, but it was amazing. Please keep up the good work, and see if you can find better ways of personalising the invitations so you can track who is sharing them.

  51. Hi – am shocked to hear people are doing this – I am honoured to be part of this community and enjoy having the chance to feed back. Come on people – don’t ruin it for us!

  52. I think the variety is a huge asset to SFF, we’ve seen everything from comedy to thriller, small play to grand production and it’s been fab and we hope to see more in the future, it’s a shame when the minority spoil it, but education is the key, notices against sharing on the offer pages and emails and an active campaign of removing the memberships of those who don’t follow should help curb the problem.

  53. I enjoy a wide variety of movies and I happily leave you with feed back – I sometimes review anime for websites and magazines so I tend to give a full review as well as the 3 word sound-bite for your ticket providers to use with marketing. However, I very rarely receive codes because of your marketing strategy, or where I live, so I can understand completely why people will look to these other sites to gain access to things they want to watch.

    So a few things:

    Location isn’t everything, for the right movie I will happily travel to London from Guildford for a chance at a preview – the cost of train/underground is cancelled out by free tickets for the most part anyway and seeing something in an early viewing without the standard embargoes that can be associated with a press screening is a bonus for me.

    Just because I’m female doesn’t mean the only movies I want to watch are chick flicks – I happen to be a major geek who can’t stand most chick flicks – give me a comic book movie and I’ll squee on camera for you if you want (and I’m a cosplayer so let me know you want people in costume and I will make one if I don’t already have one that is suitable and can easily find more people who will do the same), action movies are great to switch off the brain and just escape with, and good character driven films or a plot heavy opus are all still my cup of tea. I understand that you have to follow the guidelines for a targetted audience but it makes me irritated and less likely to leave feedback if I do go with a friend who receives your code because – presumably – he’s a bloke (same age range, same interests, same town). He only joined up because I suggested it to him and he receives codes far more frequently so you can understand that I’m not entirely happy with the situation.

    Also just because I’m older and have no children doesn’t mean I can’t / won’t be able to give a valid opinion on a children’s film. I watch a lot of tv, both live action and animated, that is aimed for a much younger audience that me and I enjoy a lot of it. I also have a nephew so if there are tickets in the Southampton area I book for there and travel to Southampton to take my Nephew (again not in Guildford because you hardly ever run anything in Guildford, I have invited friends with children to the one show that was in Guildford so that I had a kids view on the movie as well as my own).

    I could say more but I’m sure you’d rather I leave it at this than take up more of your bandwidth, I haven’t recommended your service to many other people as I see it just more people who will likely be sent a code before my name appears on your list given the targeted nature of your emails.

  54. I do feel really lucky to have been offered a great variety of films and shows. Seeing the message pop up always makes me wonder… what might this one be…? I do understand the need for a degree of security and identification, so yes, I probably would remove the offenders from the lists. This is a brilliant ‘club; and let’s keep it that way!

  55. I have enjoyed plays and concerts which has been much appreciated.

    As Marya suggested make the codes only work with members who are already registered and I would add, who have been registered for say at least one month. This way sharing codes would have no effect and this could be pointed out in every email and on the site.

    Since feedback is really essential ShowFilmFirst could suspend membership if it is not given. It seems very little for us to give in return for free tickets.

  56. I’m loving the sff offers and shows. Not only does it give me an unplanned surprise night out for the missus and myself ( a rare treat with young kids!) we also get to experience shows we perhaps wouldn’t have chosen to see, and really opened my eyes to whats out there in terms of shows.
    I think a ‘personalised’ code would be a good idea, so it can only be redeemed by that member, or only redeemed once.
    As for expanding your offering, a great idea – music/ plays and other live shows are a great addition!
    Meany thanks sff, and keep it up!

  57. I appreciate the problems but many including me never get emails with specific film codes. Only the newsletters with mostly music tickets in limited cities. Which means people go to find the shared codes

  58. It would be really disappointing if the misguided sharing of a few meant that we all miss out; there must be an easy way to fix this surely? I hope that ShowFilmFirst can find a way to continue offering tickets to events.

  59. I’m disappointed and annoyed that some people have been doing this. Does it make them feel big I wonder?

    Stop spoiling things for other people for heavens sake, I’ve told family and friends about SFF and they have signed up themselves, such an easy thing to do.

    I hope that you guys carry on giving the majority what they want and trust a way can be found to stop this misuse of codes.

  60. I didn’t know people were doing this but maybe it shows that your targeting techniques could do with being revised. If people who haven’t been targeted are applying to see shows, etc, that you are offering to your members, they must be the people who are interested, so why not find a way of finding them instead of them using your codes by other means? I also think perhaps some incorrect assumptions are being made. I am a woman in my late 40s but have an 8 year old child and my music of preference is heavy rock, so what do I get offered? Rod Stewart tickets! Yes, I went, and I enjoyed it, however I’ve never been offered tickets for any theatre, comedy, family shows or heavy rock concerts, which is more my thing. This makes me wonder if I am missing out on something, or maybe I’m just not being targeted for the types of shows I actually want to see. I also rarely receive offers to see the types of films I enjoy at my local cinema, though I have been offered tickets for films I’m not particularly interested in at cinemas that are not very close to my home at inconvenient times! Whilst I might be able to get to my local cinema at 6 pm on a weekday or 10 am at a weekend, it’s not so easy to get to cinemas that are further away.

  61. Maybe it’s time to make each invite code unique. Then if someone shares a code
    (a) you’ll know who it was and (b) it won’t work for more than one person anyway.

    I love the idea of filmfirst and it used to be great to see new films occasionally but there never seem to be any tickets left these days. Is it possible to rotate the invites so that if you get a ticket one month you go to the bottom of the list for a while to give others a chance?

    • Hi Paul,

      We have recently implemented a shuffle so that emails are sent in a different order each time. We hope you start to see the benefits soon.

      We frequently use invitation emails, but on some occasions we do want people to share codes with friends and family who they think may enjoy the show. The issue is with posting online where it devalues the event for the producers.


  62. I’ve noticed a huge change in showfilmfirst. We thoroughly enjoy viewing and giving feedback on films offered for a few years now but I have noticed that within the past 6 months we have not had any e-mails with regards to film showings??!

  63. The best way would be to email codes that are unique to the subscriber, for example creating a unique id that uses encryption or hashing to combine the event code and the subscriber’s account. That way it is both unique and traceable if it was shared (not that the code would be of any use even if it was).

    • Hi Rob,

      We do use invitation only emails frequently, and as you say they are of no use when shared. But on some occasions we do want people to share codes with friends and family who they think may enjoy the show. The issue is with posting online where it becomes a free-for-all and devalues the event for the producers.

      Thanks for your comments,


  64. As everyone who has a Showfilmfirst first account gets codes sent to them by email. Why not send out individually generated codes that once entered in the Showfilmfirst website ties that code to your account therefore if that code gets shared over social or voucher promotion pages that users account would then receive a punishment e.g revoke any privileges for a certain time period or what ever would be deemed assuitable . I know it’s not the best solution but if you could cut out out the people who are spoiling it for others then this maybe the only way forward.

    • Hi Mike,

      We do use invitation only emails frequently, but on some occasions we do want people to share codes with friends and family who they think may enjoy the show. The issue is with posting online where it becomes a free-for-all and devalues the event for the producers.

      Thanks for your comments,


  65. I have enjoyed many great shows via show films first thank you. Could you ask those who use their tickets correctly and provide feedback to give you a password which must be uses with the code, you then set the ticket allocator to recognise the password before allocation of tickets the password should only be used once against each code.

  66. I love the site and look forward to receiving the emails, even at 2am in the morning sometimes. I’ve attended concerts to kids performances, which has been a great saving for me and my family. It would be onerous but possibly issue all registered members with a membership number which could make up part of the pin to access the tickets?? i.e.

    Pin, plus 4/5 digit membership number at the beginning or end, would easily identify those who are breaking the rules!

  67. I’ve only been to a handful of films as I don’t seem to receive many offers for the Angus area (nearest cinema is Dundee) or when I do, all the tickets are gone. I can’t help but feel it may be due to others posting codes on “freebie” websites. Is it perhaps possible to post unique codes to the users when sending out email invites? That way, if they do try & share, no one else would be able to use it once it’s been redeemed? Please keep up the good work though – as any of the preview films I’ve gone to, I have enjoyed.

  68. People who post codes on websites often leave genuine members not getting tickets it has happend to me and other members. Dont know why they do it and if found out should be removed from the mailing list and banned from attending showings.

  69. I also enjoy receiving a variety of offers so it’s a shame that a small minority of people are spoiling it for the rest!

  70. love receiving eails fro you went to see annie get your gun at stoke regent it was great show thankyou for the tickets

  71. Hi

    It seems like SFF are genuine in wanting to tackle this issue. I feel a good place to start would be to identify what motivates people to behave in this way.

    I signed up to SFF around six months ago and never seem to receive any invites/codes so this has tempted me to look for them on the web in the past.

    Hope that helps

    • Hi Nik,

      If you are a Gmail user, please keep a check on your ‘Promotions’ tab as often our emails are sent there.

      You can also log into your account to check your details are correct and you must ‘opt in’ to receive emails from us (you can opt out at any time).


  72. I have been a member of showfilmfirst for a few years and I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to see film previews and other events. I would prefer showfilmfirst to continue in its current format, with films and other events.

    To combat the codes being posted and used on the social media’s:

    Is it possible to have a showfilmfirst website that only members can access? ie you must already be a member to be able to use the codes. Ie you cannot sign-up on the day to use the code received on the social mediums.

    You could have members produce ID each time they go to an event or produce an ID card for each member.



  73. Yes, people sharing offer codes are not helping you, but you need to set it up so that only those who are invited can redeem tickets. This is a simple programming task for your IT guys. As much as it’s the fault of inconsiderate individuals, this is also your fault – which is easily fixed, especially if “targeting” is that important to you. Good luck!

    • Hi Alex,

      We do use invitation only emails frequently. However sometimes we do want people to share with family and friends that they think would like the event (although not post online to strangers and completely devalue the event for the producers). That is the issue we are trying to address.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply,


  74. Agree entirely! Its terrible that people are sharing codes and spoiling it for members who are honest and enjoy receiving preview tickets. There must be a way to stop this somehow, find out who is sharing and ban them from receiving any more offers. Keep up the good work and I hope it keeps going as a successful business

  75. I love getting short notice tickets as it adds a bit of excitement every now and again. Totally agree with not sharing links. My trouble is that the mails go through to the promotions tab in google mail and don’t get ‘pushed’ so I’m often too late! Must try to fix that.

  76. I enjoy receiving film codes as it is a treat for me and something I am very happy to do alone too. I think the area I live in misses out on dome of the more unusual/arthouse films which is a shame, so if I receive a code for such a film in our area I am delighted. Please do keep the offers coming. I habven’t as yet received any info on other events locally, or perhsps have not always seen them in my inbox. Its a treat to receive free tickets and shouldn’t be abused. I understand the issue and your desire to control these opportunities. m in our

  77. I love your varied offers
    Why not make your codes a one time print only, that way they’ll not get duplicated
    Keep up the good work

  78. A bit aggravated to hear people have been doing this. We just can’t have nice things, can we?

    Will certainly let anyone know if I ever see codes being shared, but I can’t say that I ever have. 🙂

  79. I always look forward to the emails and have been really fortunate to see a lot of the things offered by you, most recently taking in Jay & Silent Bob’s Groovy Cartoon Movie and being a huge Kevin Smith geek, this thrilled me no end. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll keep being a member

  80. When it works as intended, SFF is a unique, fantastic service and I have enjoyed dozens of quality events. When it is over-subscribed, as has been the case with me on a couple of occasions, it brings the usefulness of the whole venture into question. No-one wants to sacrifice a morning / evening only to find out their plans have been cancelled.

    In short, slow growth of the membership would be great but the integrity of the whole venture needs to be protected.

  81. In fairness despite what you said in July,things haven’t really changed that much,codes still end up on certain sites,i cant remember the last time i received an email for something(despite a load of these screenings happening near me,we are still resigned to getting wind of a screening and nothing being left as the locusts have been through already.

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